We have been offering shoe repair services since 1989. One of the shoe repair shops is still located at Kr.Barona Street 10 – at the place where our shoe repair services first began. Over 20 years of experience and the most skilled craftsmen enable us to offer shoe repair work of any type and complexity.

- we make a variety of straps, bows, belts, decorative flowers (made of leather and other fabrics) etc.;
- we take in or widen boots to fit any calf;
- we clean shoes if they have been stained with de-icing salt;
- we restore the original colour of the shoes;
- we stretch any part of the shoes;
- we reduce the size of the shoes;
- we alter the shape of the toe of the shoe.
Before you throw away your favourite shoes, it is worth showing them to our craftsmen. Maybe we will be able to prolong their life.
We are constantly looking for new talents to join our experienced shoemaking team, because without new, talented, and open-minded experts there is no place for development and quality of service.


  • Kr.Barona 10, Riga
  • Monday - Friday.:     9:00-19:00
    Saturday, sunday :   Closed
  • Phone: 67225163, mob.: 2036308
Service Price
Polyurethan heeltaps EUR 7,1 - 8,5
Heeltaps from durable rubber EUR 7,1
Metal heeltaps EUR 7,8
Heeltaps for men’s shoes EUR 11,4 - 14,2
Adding half soles for women’s shoes EUR 8,5 - 11,4
Adding  half soles for men’s shoes EUR 11,4 - 14,2
Heel re-wrap without new heeltaps EUR 14,2 -17,1
Changing heels without new heeltaps for women’s shoes EUR 17,1
Changing heels without new heeltaps for men’s shoes EUR 17,1
Building up worn-off part of shoes’ toe EUR 5,7
Changing orthopedic insole with additional metal mount 1 pc.     EUR 14,2
Repairing a cracked sole and adding half soles EUR 18,5
Changing the insole EUR 8,5
Changing shoe’s lining in the heel part 1 pc. EUR 10,-
Changing the zipper 1 pc. EUR 14,2 - 17,1
Sole stitching by hand around the shoe 1 pc. EUR 14,2
Adding a patch EUR 7,1 - 8,5
Reattaching the original sole 1 pc. EUR 8,5
Changing the slipsole 1 pc. EUR 14,2
Changing the counter 1 pc. EUR 28,5
Shoe cleaning EUR 7,1 - 8,5
Changing the zipper slider  1 pc. EUR 4,2
Taking in the calf of the boot EUR 35,7
Changing the Velcro fastener 1 pc. EUR 3,5